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Privacy Policy

Your personal datas are processed by:
Fülöp Barlai Edit Cecilia e.v.
Company registration number: 68857273-1-33
(hereinafter referred as ‘Controller’).
Please read this privacy policy carefully hereinafter document in which the handling of the personal datas of the visitors are described according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.
This document concerns you as a customer. The way of collecting, using, and sharing with third parties of your personal datas are presented in this document.
Protecting personal datas and everyday life is an utmost importance for our business.
This document first and foremost provides information on data protection of customers and visitors. In this document we sumemrize what type of datas are collected by our business. Personal datas are must not be handed over to unauthorized individuals.
In case the Customer or Visitor do not accept these conditions, the Customer or Visitor has the right to abort browsing ont he website and leave the website any personal datas given.
Responsibilities and contact details of the controller
Information related to data handling
In this document
You can reach us on the following contact details in case of questions or complaints.
NAME: Fülöp-Barlai Edit Cecilia
ADDRESS: 2170, Aszód, Malom köz 2.
According to your choice your are able to access to our website, although in order to browse on our website accepting cookie policy is a must. Personal data is all the information related directly or indirectly to any natural person. If the owner of the website collects any of your personal datas, it occurs in a clear way.
Personal datas are given so that your identity can be determined, for example first name, surname, address (in case of an invoice) and email address. Your datas are given by the visitor voluntarily, but the customer is always aware of the purpose of this given datas. If the customer is not willing to provide these datas, aome of the functions on the website cannot be reached, but the customer, as a visitor, still can browse on the website. The customer always provide accurate datas in otder that all functions and processes could run smoothly.
The belowed mentioned datas are handled by our solopreneurship:
First name, surname
E-mail address
System informations (IP-address, system version, resolution, statistics about the viewed pages)

Period of time of data handling:

In case of profile datas from the last login to withdrawal
In case of purchase history according to the Hungarian Accounting Act 169. § (2) paragraph 8 years
We may disclose personal datas in case of
Legal actions
Administration of accounting
Protecting or defending our rights and properties
Technical supporter who needs to work on the operation of the website, can also have certain access to datas stored on our website, but they do not have the right to supply them to any other parties. Our solopreneurship will use your datas only as permitted by law.
Operators, where personal data can appear:
Accountant: Retro Gold Lux Kft., 2170 Aszód, Malom köz 2.

Payments are optional, Barion or direct bank transfer. Both of them are responsible for handling the credit card information and those personal details which are required to fulfill a payment on our website.

Barion privacy policy:

Webhosting: 3in1 Hosting Bt., 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Brassó u. 4/A, +36-21-200-0040
Google Inc.: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, contact details:, Google’s security and privacy protection ( and privacy policy (

H5P plugin

To provide interactive content on our site, we operate the H5P plugin on our site. Since the data is submitted from your server, and due to the nature of the protocol, we will automatically get the IP you are sending from and when the data was submitted. This normally doesn’t allow us to identify an individual person or to identify your site and we do not track the site’s URL. By using our website and this interactive content, you automatically accept the policy of this plugin. To find more information about this plugin, please visit the following website:

Data processor: natural or legal person, company or agency, who/which handle personal datas.
Data handling: Set of operations of personal datas, done automatically or not automatically, for example: collecting, recording, arranging, storing, transforming, forwarding, cancelling, connecting or destroying.
Forwarding datas: Datas are accessible for third parties because of a reasonable reason
Privacy incident: error with data security, which happens with forwarded or stored personaly datas. The followings can happen accidently: destroying of personal datas, unauthorized access, alteration, unauthorized disclosure.
Terms of use: appearing on the website, a contract between the customer and the vendor, setting all the rules and regulations
Identified natural person: natural person, who can be identified by name, address, identification number, online identification number, economical or cultural account, physical aspects or any other aspects.
Acceptance of the customer: voluntarily accepting, clearly stating the willingness to act or purchase, agreeing on the terms of use and such rules and regulations presented on the website.
Customer: a person, who can be identified by name or identification number.
User: visitor of the websites(, operated by the solopreneour.
Third party: Authority: Partner/Client: natural person, who conducts a contract with the vendor outside of the website
Registration: registration of personal datas of the visitor, which enables to create an account on the website or purchase and item
Personal datas: any datas which serve as an identification of the customer/visitor
Website: operated by the contoller Current

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