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Enter into force: the 15th of November 2021



Please read carefully this document, as with placing an order you automatically accept our terms and conditions. Shall a question arise in connection with the using of the webshop, the process of the purchase products, or the terms of use, do not hesitate to contact our business on the following contacts:

Details of our business:

Name: Fülöp-Barlai Edit Cecilia e.v.

Address: 2170, Aszód, Malom köz 2.

Tax number: 68857273-1-33

Bank account number: HU24 10402915-86768386-89721009


Phone: +36 20 510 9876

Webhost: 3in1 Hosting Bt., 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Brassó u. 4/A, +36-21-200-0040


Parties: Vendor and Customer/Business together

Customer: any natural person older than 18

Customer contract: a contract one of which subject is the customer.

Warranty : under the Civil code in case of a consumer contract

Contract: contract of sales concluded between Vendor Consumer/Enterprise with the usage of webshop and e-mail.

Distance contracts:  the object of the contract is the purchasing of products or making demand for the services without physical presence through communicational devices, using distance selling system.

Communicational devices used by distance parties: any device appropriate for contract declaration.

Product: magazines and games in digital format available in our webshop ready for purchasing, they can be downloaded.

Business: person acting for purposes relating to his trade or economic activity.

Webshop: Webshop in which/where the conclusion of contracts is enforced.



Act CLV of 1997 on consumer protection

Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright

Act CVIII of 2001 on Electronic Commerce and on Information Society Services

Act CXX of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information

Act  V of 2013 on Civil Code

Government Decree No 45/2014 (II.26.) on Detailed Rules governing contract concluded between consumers and businesses


Scope and acceptation of Terms of use:

The content of the contract is regulated by the general terms and conditions and related legislation. Within this frame rights of vendor and customer, obligations, terms and conditions, payment conditions are going to be summarized. Furthermore right of withdrawal is included.

Placing an order equally means that the customer is accepting the terms of use of our business.

The language and form of the contract:

The language of the contract is English.

With accepting the terms of use and placing an order, the contract is concluded.

Our prices are given in Forint. Our business is tax-exempt, which means our prices are gross process, so they already contain the VAT. We maintain the right to change the price.

Handling complaints and possibility of asserting rights:

Expressing your dissatisfaction towards the product or the activity of our business can be reported on the following contacts:

The customer can report the dissatisfaction in written form, via e-mail. Our business shall reply in written form within 30 days.

In case of rejecting a complain, our business must give reasons for it.

Reports must contain

Any reports shall be stored for 5 years.

Legal procedure:

The customer has the right to validate the demand from this dispute within civil proceedings according to Act V of 2013 on Civil Code and Act CXXX of 2016 on Civil Procedure Code.

Online settlement of disputes:

After registration of the customer on the webpage created by the Euopean Comission with filling an application, the customer can settle the dispute related to online purchasing without initiating legal proceedings.

You have the right to make a complaint about our product.

Online settlement of disputes can be reached at


Our webpage considered as copyright material,  based on Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright. All parts of the magazines and games are under copyright.

The name of  the magazine (MagazEnglish), any pictures, texts, ideas, games, tales (The secret of the forest) on our webpage and in the magazine must not be used without our written permission. Any programs that can cause harm to our webpage are forbidden based on the same law.

Please pay attention to ask for permission from our business before using our name, materials, pictures, videos, voice recordings, and texts. After our permission you are free to use our materials with marking the source.

Application of technical protection measures and operation of digital content:

The servers which provides the datas appeared on our wesite, have above 99%/year availability. All of the digital contents are saved on regular basis, so that in case of any issues the original state can be restored. Datas, which appear on our website, are stored in MySQL database. Being aware of the sensitive nature of these datas, they are stored with stron combination of encryption.

Characteristics of the product:

The descriptions of our products can be found on our website.

Correction of data entry and responsibility for the validation of datas

During the purchasing process you have the possibility to check and modify your datas before placing the order. The customer is responsible for the punctuality of the given datas. Invoices are issued based on the datas given by the customer. We exclude our liability in case of false data entry. Confirmation cannot be sent in case of any incorrect e-mail addresses, or loaded e-mail account. This equally means the terms of used cannot be conducted.

Procedure in case of false prices:

If the given price is incorrect, our business excludes liability if there is any mistake with the price despite all due care, or due to computer system error.

In case of incorrect price, we will get in touch with the customer as soon as possible, inform the customer about the possibilities from which the customer can choose to resolve the issue.

Accuracy of the magazine:

Our business does its best to provide accurate datas and information in the articles we write, but in some cases there can be inaccurate information due to other companies or authorities abroad. Therefore our business does not take responsibility for any errors or omissions in the magazine resulting there from.

How to use our webshop:

The display of our products (pictures, short description of the magazines or the games) can be found on our website.

The customer can browse a menu system on our website. Our products (issues and games) are categorically arranged. If a product is on sale, the beginning and the ending periods are indicated.

Purchasing of a product is available by clicking on the cart title on the top menu. (In case of purchasing more than one, please give the exact amount you need)

The list of products contained in the cart can be seen and checked by clicking on the view of the cart. There is a possibility to modify or remove any products from there. With emptying the cart all of its content will be removed.

You do not need to register or to log in in order to place an order. After choosing which products to purchase, you can view the cart to finalize your orders by proceeding to checkout.

The following datas are necessary for registration: name, e-mail address, password. If the registration is successful, an e-mail will be sent.

The security of entry datas are the responsibility of the user, which means being accountable for the timeliness of datas as well. Shall any impersonation occur by third parties, customers are obliged to inform us. In case of forgotten password, please click on „Lost password” to send an email to us. We are going to provide you a temporary password via email.

Before the approval of the order users can check whether their datas are correct as well as the products that are ready to order.

Finalizing an order:

If the customer has found everything right, click on the place the order button in order to place the order. After the amount is paid, you will be able to download the documents. The invoice is going to be sent to your email address within a week.

Processing of orders and the conclusion of the contract:

Orders can be sent at any time on our webshop. An automatic reply will be sent, indicating your order is received. A downloading link is provided from where the games or the magazine and the audio files can be downloaded. If you do not receive the links please, contact us as soon as possible.

Way of payment:


Full payment is required after placing the order. Special or holiday issues can have surcharges in some cases. After payment through Barion, you are going to be able to download the documents and the listening materials. We do not take any responsibilities for the operation of the Barion service, as the transactions go through the system of Barion. The retailer/business do not receive the details of the customer’s bank card. Barion Payment Zrt., which provides its service on the site, permission number: H-EN-I-1064/2013.” After the transaction, the product will be downloadable within an hour, and the customer will also receive a confirmation email with the files.

Direct payment

Customer can choose to purchase the product and pay via direct bank transfer to the business owner’s direct bank account. In this care, after placing an order, the downloadable materials are on hold until the customer transfers the money. If the money is transferred, the customer will receive the downloadable materials within 12 hours.

Selling outside of Hungary

In case of placing an order from a country other than Hungary, the process is also governed by the terms of use. The customer is an adult (older than 18 years old), has valid resident in a state, so as a natural person.

The language of the communication and the selling process is English. Our solopreneurship cannot be required to communicated in any other languages unless the solopreneur wishes to do so. Our solopreneurship and products cannot be requested to suit or be appropriate to any other foreign law, regulation or any conditions which are not mentioned in this contract. The currency of online payment is set by our solopreneurship.

Information on the customer’s right of withdrawal:

The customer cannot withdraw an order without justification. The customer can justify the right of withdrawal within 7 days from the date of the payment. Confirmation shall be sent after receiving the withdrawal by written form.

Within 7 days the customer has the possibility to return digital magazine which has been purchased from the website. We give a refund only if legitimiate reason is provided.





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