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2023 Calendar

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Purchase our calendar and have fun learning words! The calendar is available at the A2-B2 level.



– Instant printable

– Instant downloadable

Purchase our calendar and have fun learning words! The calendar is available at the A2-B1 level. Each day has one ’word of the day’. Below you can find ideas on how to use the calendar. It is available in PDF and JPG format, so you can choose which is the best format for you after purchasing it.

Ideas for the calendar:

  • at the beginning of the month students need to find out what city is in the picture and talk about what they know about it
  • warm-up exercise at the beginning of the lesson – what can you tell me about the word of the day?
  • students need to give one positive, one negative, and one question using a particular verb tense
  • write the word of the day on the board and each student needs to write another word connected to it: either creating collocations, compounds or associated words. For differentiation options, choose words connected to one of the letters of the original word

You’ll get further tips by purchasing the Calendar.

If you’re interested in the printed version (shipping worldwide) of the calendar, please get in touch at the following email address:

Warm-up exercise for the 365 days of the year?

Have you ever felt that it would be so helpful if you had a good warm-up exercise to start your lessons? Or simply, most of your students are a visual type, and it would be beneficial for them to see English words all day.

Each day has a ’word of the day’ word to boost your students’ vocabulary.

- instant downloadable
- instant printable
- 24 pages (12 months A2-B1 words and 12 months B2-C1 words)
- tips on how to use the words

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