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Business Special Edition

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Purchase the special edition of MagazEnglish Business issue, and boost your business English knowledge.


  • Audio files with British accent
  • Various articles and exercises to make teaching English fun and entertaining
  • With FILLABLE PDF file
  • Fully proofread

Are you a Business English teacher?

This issue is the perfect choice for you because it contains grammar and vocabulary practice, which comes with Business English exercises.

Do you teach online?

This issue is available in digital PDF format, but also in fillable PDF format, so if you have online lessons, simply share your screen, and you can fill the exercises in.

Do you spend hours searching for good materials?

One of the greatest advantages of this issue is, that it saves you time! Relevant topics, such as working from home, emerging environmental problems, and efficient advertising techniques, but you can also find more complex ones, such as case studies and interviews.

Are you an English teacher who prefers playing while teaching?

Everyone loves playing and having fun while learning grammar and vocabulary, so this issue includes 5 board games!


Warm-up exercise for the 365 days of the year?

Have you ever felt that it would be so helpful if you had a good warm-up exercise to start your lessons? Or simply, most of your students are a visual type, and it would be beneficial for them to see English words all day.

Each day has a ’word of the day’ word to boost your students’ vocabulary.

- instant downloadable
- instant printable
- 24 pages (12 months A2-B1 words and 12 months B2-C1 words)
- tips on how to use the words

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