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MagazEnglish General – April/23

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Are you interested in zero-waste lifestyle? Purchase the 29th issue and read our interview with a woman about the topic.


  • Various articles and exercises to make teaching English fun and entertaining
  • With a FILLABLE PDF file
  • The magazine is proofread
  • Editor’s recommendation
  • If you subscribe to our magazine or purchase the 29th issue, you’ll get access to interactive exercises on my website

🌿 Embrace a Greener, More Conscious Lifestyle with Our April Digital Magazine! 🌿

This issue is packed with inspiration to make a positive impact on our planet, starting right at home! 🏡♻️

♻️ Take the Extra Step: Separate, Recycle, Reuse! Learn how small changes in waste management can lead to big environmental benefits. Pick up tips on keeping your surroundings clean and contribute to a cleaner planet!

🌍 Journey to Zero-Waste Living with Kara: Discover the transformative power of a zero-waste lifestyle in our exclusive interview with Kara. Gain insights, motivation, and practical steps to reduce your ecological footprint.

🌱 Greenify Your Home: Not ready for a complete lifestyle overhaul? No worries! Dive into our guide on making your home more eco-friendly. Uncover simple yet effective tips, along with engaging reading and vocabulary tasks.

🐣 Easter Around the World: Expand your cultural horizons as we explore how different nations celebrate Easter. Solve exercises that deepen your understanding, then dive into a lively game of Taboo Cards with an Easter twist!


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