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MagazEnglish General – 26th Issue

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Purchase our latest issue and practise the homophones while playing a board game.


The latest issue of MagazEnglish General is out, and you may guess in this one you can find articles related to New Year’s celebrations. Read about some of the most popular parades all around the world, and solve a listening task to find out whether Donna got lost in the parade or not.

Homophones can be tricky not just for language learners but sometimes for teachers as well, so let’s see some of them and check if you know them right. After solving the tasks if you still fell there’s room for improvement, let’s play with our board game to get to know more and more homophones.

In our previous issue, we had our first short story, and in this one, you can also read about the tale of the golden feather.

Have you ever tried gambling? I have, and I must say it’s fun, but you need to be careful with it. But did you know, Las Vegas isn’t the gambling capital of the world? Or do you know what the area was used for before it became so popular? Check our article, and find out more interesting facts about the city.

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