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Taboo Cards – Valentine’s Day


Download our Valentine taboo cards for free!



Taboo is a verbal game played with two teams or more players.

Clue cards have the clue word on the top of the card and the taboo words listed below the clue word. You describe it and get the others to say the guess-word on the card without using one of the taboo words in one of their clues.

The others must watch for taboos or other violations of the rules.

1. Clue-givers may not use any taboo words, including abbreviations and any part of the taboo word.
2. Clue-givers may not use sound effects or use gestures to indicate the clue word.
3. Clue-givers may pass on any card at any time, but the card is then placed in the discard pile.

At the end of each round points are tallied for each team or player, the winner is declared by the team with the most points.

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