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Fun with Cards

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Purchase Fun with Cards and let’s compete who will be the first to find the odd word out!



– Digital format

– Instant printable

One deck contains 50 cards. Each card is a different topic, such as travelling, irregular verbs, nations, illnesses, restaurants, etc. You need a minimum of 2 players. Place the deck face down on the table and turn over the top card. You need to find which word is the odd one out. The person who finds it the fastest gets the card.


The first five cards have six words on them; the following five have seven words; the next five 8, and so on. There are a maximum of 15 words on one card. You can make it harder by asking your learners to say a sentence with the odd word or to make a sentence using all of the words, and then they get the card.

Alternative games:

– Use as a memory game; the student needs to choose one card and memorise all the words on it.

– Activity game: Choose one word from the card and describe or draw it; the others need to guess the word.

– The player who finds the odd word can take the card only if they can tell one sentence with that word.

The printed version (shipping worldwide) of the game is also available; please get in touch with me for more information:

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