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MagazEnglish Fifteenth Issue – General

3990 Ft

Read the story of a mysterious Valentine card and solve various vocabulary and grammar exercises.


  • All the recordings are in British accent
  • Various articles and exercises to make teaching English fun and entertaining
  • The magazine is proofread

In many cases, people treat technology like a family member, loving and nurturing it – even though it can sometimes ruin one’s life. Read our article about how technology has changed our lives.

Practise collocations with ’do’ or ’make’.

Read the story of a mysterious Valentine’s card and solve various vocabulary and grammar exercises.

Learn some of the most commonly used drink-related expressions with listening tasks.

Odd one-out card game – This issue includes 18 pieces of odd one-out cards – game: Place the deck face down on the table and turn over the top card. You need to find which word is the odd one out. The person who finds it the fastest gets the card.
The first five cards have 6 words, the next fivfollowingve seven words, the next five 8 aeightd so on. There are maximumof  15 words on one card. You can make it harder by asking your learners to say a sentence with the odd word or to make a sentence using all of the words, and then they get the card.


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