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MagazEnglish General – Eighteenth Issue

3990 Ft

Read some interesting facts about Star Wars or play ‘How often do you…’ board game to practise Present Simple.


  • All the recordings are in British accent
  • Various articles and exercises to make teaching English fun and entertaining
  • With FILLABLE PDF file
  • The magazine is proofread

One of the most legendary science fiction films is Star Wars, created by George Lucas in the 1970s. The first film then spawned several prequels, sequels, stand-alone films, animated films, series and merchandise. Let’s see some interesting facts about that famous galaxy far, far away while practising English grammar and vocabulary.

Every year on 18th May, International Museum Day is observed in many countries. Museums help us preserve the world’s culture and history by storing and exhibiting objects of historical importance. Read some people’s opinions about why aren’t more people visiting museums.

Roll the dice and practise Present Simple with our board game.

Listen to five conversations and practise for the intermediate language exam.


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