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MagazEnglish Thirteenth Issue – Christmas Edition

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This holiday season, save time and enhance your English lessons with our Christmas Edition Digital Workbook.


🎄✨ Journey to the Enchanting Town of Rovaniemi: A Christmas Adventure in Your Classroom! ✨🎅

Step into the magical world of Rovaniemi, the charming capital of Lapland, where the holiday spirit dances in the air, and around 500,000 eager tourists embark on a festive pilgrimage each year.

But before we delve into the enchanting history of Father Christmas, join us in unlocking the art of crafting informal letters. This essential skill sets the stage for heartwarming holiday correspondence.

📜 A Peek into Father Christmas’s Past: Did you know that the roots of Santa Claus stretch back to the 16th century? Picture a different version of our jolly friend – clad not in red, but in lush green robes adorned with fur. The evolution of this iconic figure adds a layer of intrigue to our Christmas narrative.

🎁 The Joy and Humor of Gift-Giving: As we anticipate the festive season, it’s not just about the holiday itself, but the joy of exchanging gifts. Excitement fills the air as everyone wonders what surprises lie beneath the tree. Yet, let’s face it – sometimes, the unexpected happens. Prepare for laughter and amusement as we explore our readers’ tales of the most unforgettable (and perhaps, questionable) gifts they’ve ever received.

🤣 Unwrapping Laughter and Merry Moments: In the spirit of merriment, this exercise is designed to tickle your students’ funny bones. Discover the hilarity behind the worst gifts ever received and share in the laughter as your students recount their own memorable experiences.

Let this Christmas issue be a source of joy, learning, and shared laughter in your classroom. Explore the whimsical tales of Rovaniemi, the transformation of Father Christmas, and the unexpected surprises hidden beneath the holiday wrapping.

Dive into the festive magic now and make this Christmas unforgettable for your students!

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